Your name is KANAYA MARYAM and you are TIRED.


Permanent M!A(s): Able to become human, ice powers

Current M!A(s): Healing powers (ends 02/20)

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                Okay, so she didn’t know who she was. More like had no idea, but Red would honestly prefer relying on the first part. Who would, though? He had changed so much since then… It almost made him sad.

                                              ——“‘m Red, remember?


            Of course I remember you. How could I ever forget all you did for me?” 

   She grinned as she watched him, and would have reached out to embrace him were it
 not for his clear uncertainty. 

     ”Have you been well?”

Hey dear.

Hello There

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A Lot Of You Replied To That After I Logged Off

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Okay Whos Here

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             Well, that was unexpected. Last time he checked in memories, Kanaya had said nothing about such a power she could wield just like so. Was that really even Kanaya there? Or someone else, almost like a lookalike? Oh well. Time to approach and try not to make himself look like a stalker or something creepy.


                                             "Uh… Hey, are you, I dunno… Named Kanaya? You remind me a lot of her, with appearance an’ all— Save for the human form." Well that was certainly not awkward at all, Red. Why don’t you just were a legendary Pokemon mask and scare little kids? Call it a day, why don’t’cha.

                Even if it was Kanaya, would she even recognise him? The Champion’s appearance had… Gone through slight changes since the last year he’d seen her. Hell, they hadn’t even seen each other in nearly a full-blown year, and possibly more for her. What was it the trolls called it…? Sweeps? Whatever.

                       Kanaya’s gaze snapped up as she backed away at the voice. Familiar, but in all the trauma of her past year, she could not place it. Memory was becoming difficult for her; she didn’t want to admit it, but she had suffered far too much, and her mind was likely deteriorating. 

        “How do you know my name?”


yes boyfriend owner of the aforementioned dick

hes gettin sick though too so hopefully this doesnt turn into some ridiculous gross sickfest

That Sounds Horrible 

At Least You Two Can Cuddle Without Worry Then





Frozen Rose

this actually looks really neat

why isn’t this called fROSEn

let it go


that sucks tho im sorry about that chica

and im sorry youre not doin so hot

im gettin sick but thats ok cause im in bed and have zero obligations currently

Do You At Least Have Someone To Take Care Of You Or Something



well im sure had you the option youd have your boyfriend/girlfriends bits stashed in your inbox too


howre you

Thats Because I Hardly Get To See Him David 

Im Doing All Right I Suppose 

Could Be Better 

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