Your name is KANAYA MARYAM. You were once VERY TIRED. Now, you are finally AT REST.

You are what you love, not who loves you. 

In a world full of the word yes, I’m here to scream no, until my breathing stops.


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thank you so much guys, for everything! it’s been a year since i started this blog and i had over 1,500 followers by the time my activity became scarce this spring. that’s, wow. it’s amazing. and the consistent compliments i got, to everyone who ever interacted with me, you’ve made this experience surreal for me given that it was my first muse. 

thank you for all your patience, and teaching me how to go about all this. i’ve made incredibly close friendships through this and even found an amazing relationship from it that i never could have imagined possible prior to this experience. 

again, thank you all so much! a reminder that i’m active on enlightenedlalonde, and some other muses have scattered activity too (xndependent, thecoreofacombatant, and piscesoflife). don’t be strangers! you all mean the world to me. 

I’m going to post a final thing now in conclusion of the whole blog, and that will be my last post. A final thank you to everyone who made this possible. ♥

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==> Sylph: Surrender.

Your heart could finally relax knowing that all your little trinkets were in safe hands. Finally, you give a nod to the olive-blooded servant who’d tended to you all this time. She returns the nod, leaving to send a letter to Ambrose. You’d kept close watch on your old friend, and left many of your things behind for him, under the temporary care of Victoria. You trusted her with this much. The letter would outline where they were, and when he regained his memory, you knew it would be enough for him to search for Victoria. 

And now, you could rest. 

You could feel your body giving in, slowly weakening. You let yourself sink back into your sister’s arms, closing your eyes with a tiny upturn of your lips into a soft smile. 

"I love you," you mumble to Serani. "Thank you for staying with me for this." 

She hadn’t intended to, you conclude, yet here she was, and exhaustion was washing over you. You didn’t want to leave everyone behind, and it drew a few thin tears that slipped out from behind your lips and down your cheeks. They’d be okay without you, though. You knew they would. 

And suddenly, the exhaustion was gone. You didn’t feel heavy weight anymore - there was now surprisingly little, actually. Your eyes open, never to close again, and Carena’s there. 

You hug her as tight as you can, and her giggles echo through a plane that you can’t quite describe. But, you don’t need to; you don’t want to. You can hardly even feel her hug against you. Instead you just feel light. Weightless entirely, and content. 

Only once you pull away do you see him, and you feel wholly at peace. 

Dave approaches you, kneeling beside both of you. He looks happy to see you, but sad all the same. He didn’t want you to die. You could tell he’d miss your physical self, as would you; you’d eternally miss the warmth of his touch. Yet, as he rested a hand against you to cup your cheek, the warmth was still somehow there. 

And then your mother was there, too. And the Dolorosa, and Signless, and everyone from your planet’s fallen. They’re there, welcoming you with open arms, and you know they’re not so ashamed of you as you’d always feared. 

For the first time in your existence, you were with your family. With your ancestor, with your mother, with Dave, with your precious little daughter. You looked down at your corpse with no regrets, because in the end, it all worked out, and there was not a bitter ounce in your being. 

You reached over to take Dave’s hand as you held Carena in your other arm. His fingers entwined with yours, and with that, you turned away from Alternia, from the physical, and towards eternity.

Rosie Thank You So Much For Everything Youve Done 

Im Sending You A Small Charm Bracelet That Carena Used To Wear All The Time 

Hopefully June Can Get Some Use Out Of It 

Its Not Made To Sit In A Drawer For Eternity 

Im Also Sending You A Locket 

My Friend John Gave It To Me A Very Long Time Ago And Now Its Yours 

From Me To You 

Try Not To Take It Off If You Can Help It And Then You Will Have A Physical Reminder Of My Constant Presence With You 

I Love You 

I Wont Forget You 

I Promise 

So Please Dont Forget Me

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The last Goodbye


>You sniffle a bit but you nod, wiping your tears away  on your shoulder before looking back at her, still holding her.

0f c0urϟe K4n…4nyth1ng f0r y0u…

> You take a pin and a beautiful gold necklace with jade gems in it, opening Serani’s hands and closing them around the jewelry. 

"These were given to me by a very, very dear friend last night. I don’t want them to be left behind. But I need you to swear to me you’ll take good care of both of them. They’re incredibly important to me, Serani. Promise me you’ll watch after them."

The last Goodbye


>You wrap your arms around her and hug her before you shift and lay her back down, snuggling up against her as you cry lightly into her neck and shoulder.


>You turn away briefly, croaking out a cough. You manage to hug her back, but only slightly. 

"You should leave, Serani. I don’t want you catching this. But, I need to ask you to take care of two things for me. Two very, very special things. Do you think you can do that for me?"

The last Goodbye


But….y-y0u pr0m1ϟed, K4n4y4, y0u pr0m1ϟed me we w0uld d1e t0gether..

>You frown, tears starting to form.


"I know, Serani, I know." 

>You frown as well, leaning forward to rest your forehead against hers. 

"I’m so sorry."

The last Goodbye


ϟ00n…? ….h0w ϟ00n….

>Your voice a near whisper as you look down.

"Very soon." 

>You give a weak smile, holding Serani’s hand. 

"I’ll be alright."

jn-egbert replied to your post
Cool! Can I come over? I just wanna see you so badly, pleeeeease?
Im Very Very Sick But That Doesnt Seem To Sway Anyone 
Probably Given How Sick I Am Honestly 
You Can Come Over But Im Not Sure How Long It Will Be For 
My Energy Is Significantly Lower Than It Was Yesterday
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Kanaya! I'd like to see you soon, I miss you alot. ((If maybe we can do something before she passes that'd be cool, sorry I'm in so late.))

I Miss You Too Jn 

Its Good To Hear From You